5 Irish Personal Finance YouTube Channels to Watch

  • By: Walter Dunphy ACCA
  • Date: July 21, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

The personal finance space on YouTube can be full of useful information and in some corners, it can be a cesspit. So it is best to try and stick to channels that have a bit of integrity and those who are not going to lead you down the wrong path.

The personal finance space can vary different from country to country due to the specific tax rules and institutions that operate in that region. So you might not always be best served by just sticking to YouTubers based in other countries such as the U.S or the UK.

Here is a list of 5 YouTubers that cover a lot of Irish-specific topics (support your local).

Disclaimer: You should never use YouTube for financial advice but YouTube videos can be a great way to help you research some complex topics or see a review of a service you plan on using.

In no particular order…

Malone Financial

Dan Malone from the YouTube channel Malone Financial is a professionally qualified accountant so you know he is going to have the viewers best interests at heart before you even watch a video.

If you want to wrap your head around the latest macroeconomic trends such as inflation and recessions then you will get a really thorough explanation from Dan but in a language that speaks to all levels not just those well informed.

Invest with Darren

Invest with Darren YouTube

Invest with Darren is a great channel that covers a wide range of topics on anything from stocks/crypto to investing in your pension and so much more, all from an Irish person’s perspective.

Darren really has the beginner investor in mind when making a of his content and will definitely point you in the right direction as to what options you have and where to invest.

He has many videos that will take you from a complete novice to buying your first stock and understanding all of the terminology.

The Learnings Report

The Learnings Report YouTube channel run by Ste and Cian is one of the most professional and polished YouTube channels you will see full stop – not just in Ireland.

When the guys cover a topic they go into so much detail and every video is super well researched. Most videos posted will be between 10-25 minutes and they leave nothing left to be answered.

Common topics covered on this channel are the likes of demystifying difficult tax subjects and reviews of investment brokerages available to the Irish public.

For example here is a detailed guide on capital gains tax that goes through everything from calculating the tax, paying your tax and filing the CG1 form.

Walter Dunphy (shameless plug)

Well, I couldn’t make a list without including myself could I?

My name is Walter Dunphy and I am an accountant by trade but I spend most of my days thinking about creating some sort of content, whether it is videos or in written format.

I feel the Irish personal finance and investing space in Ireland is still in its early growth phase. In the past when someone is talking about investing in Ireland, nine times out of ten it was property investments. But I feel the general public is starting to move beyond just wanting to invest in property.

My channel can be a bit all over the place and have no rhythm or rhyme to it. One week you might see me posting about farming tax and the next week its a crypto related video. I don’t tend to make videos for the sake of it, generally when I make a video it is some practical tips or information that I have come across in my own life that I want to share with others.

Irish Budgeting

An important aspect of personal finance is being able to budget and save. Caz from the Irish Budgeting channel has some of the most useful budgeting tips for people from all walks of life.

Times are tough when the value of your savings is constantly eroded away through inflation, but Caz has some tips to help you beat inflation.

Some of her most popular content is feeding a family of five people for five euro.

Some of Caz’s other content surrounds weekly budgeting vlogs, money challenges and how to deal with unexpected large expenses for example.

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