Affordable Content Writing Services for Accountants and Financial Advisors in Ireland

  • By: Walter Dunphy ACCA
  • Date: December 21, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Accountants and Financial Service firms in Ireland have long neglected building long lasting organic traffic on their website, which is often the first point of contact with a potential client.

This is a huge opportunity missed, as with the right strategy a website can generate thousands of pageviews per month, build brand awareness, generate leads and clients. But this is only when useful and engaging content is consistently posted for potential clients to consume.

It is understandable that most firms are too busy to create and post content consistently themselves, as they are already too occupied with their day jobs to free up the time to be able to create consistent high quality content.

Work with me, and lets grow your business together.

Content writing services for Accountants and Financial Advisors

An investment in content evergreen SEO focused content will pay for itself.

Long gone are the times when professional and financial service firms, such as accountants, can rely on only referrals from existing customers to grow their client base.

Video production services for Accountants and Financial Advisors

A well crafted SEO optimised YouTube video can rank on Google within an hour of being posted. Video content is far more engaging and is great way engaging with and gathering information about your customer base.

My Credentials

My Career

An ACCA qualified accountant by trade, I have worked in the Big 4, as well as in small practice accounting firms and in industry – LinkedIn.

My practical experience, combined with my SEO experience puts me in the best place to create real valuable content for financial advisors and professional services firms.

Blogging was established in Dec 2021 and is my portfolio when it comes to writing. In the short space of a year, it has grown to the point where it gets multiple thousands of page views per month and continues to grow exponentially.


Over the past 2 years I have created over 150 YouTube videos all in the personal finance, investing and business space and I have amassed over 500k views and 6.6k subscribers.


Over the past 2 years I have paid very close attention to the power of the TikTok algorithm and its power for reaching new people and building brand awareness. I have amassed over 1 million views on Tiktok and I can bring this experience to your business.

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