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  • Free Guide to Completing a Capital Gains Tax Return for Stocks and Crypto (CG1) in Ireland

    Let’s be honest Capital Gains tax returns in Ireland are needlessly overcomplicated for investors.

    This is because in Ireland we just use one form (CG1) for every type of capital gain whether is a profit from the sale of a house, land, stocks, crypto, options and so on.

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  • Best Broker Sign-Up Bonuses for Irish Investors

    It is great to be able to kick off your investing journey by getting a free sign up bonus from an investment broker… it puts you in the green before you even invest a cent of your own money.

    In this blog post, I will give you a brief summary of three different brokerages that offer generous signup bonuses to Irish investors – Trading 212, BUX Zero, and Degiro.

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  • Track your Dividend Income for Free with this App

    Whether you are a die-hard dividend investor or someone who holds several stocks that just happen to pay regular dividends, keeping track of how much dividend income you are going to be earning will be important to you.

    The problem is that it can be very difficult to do this yourself if you hold numerous stocks. Personally, I have 23 different stocks in my portfolio and about two-thirds of them pay some sort of dividend, and it is impossible to keep track of when these dividends are due.

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  • If Your Broker Goes Bust Are your Investments Safe?

    When you are investing you are generally only worried about losses relating to decreases in the value of your stocks, ETFs, etc. But should you be also worried about losing your money if the investment brokerage you use goes bust?

    In this blog post, we will see what protections are there for investors in Ireland the rest of Europe in the event of such a broker liquidation.

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  • How do Revolut Loans Stack up Against its Competitors?

    Revolut is continuing to disrupt the old guard of traditional banks in Ireland with its fast moving and innovative approach to the banking industry. It has taken further steps in recent times such as providing loans and deposit accounts that are backed by Lithuanian Deposit Guarantees.

    This now puts Revolut on par with other banks and makes it even more of a legitimate option for customers to chose as their number one bank. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Revolut’s loan offering and see how it compares to some other banks operating in the Irish market.

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  • 9 Ideas for Generating a Side Income in Ireland (€100+ p/m)

    The cost of living in Ireland has gone crazy in the last year. Who wouldn’t say no to a few extra hundred quid every month to ease the pressure? I have compiled a list of 9 Side Income ideas to help you start making some extra cash and who knows maybe some of them could end up replacing your regular 9-5 job.

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  • Spread Betting in Ireland – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    In this blog post, we will guide you through everything you need to know about spread betting in Ireland, including the taxes, risks and what brokers are offering spread betting to Irish investors.

    Spread betting involves an investor speculating on whether the price of a stock, index, commodity or crypto will rise or fall without taking any ownership of the asset using leverage.

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  • How to File an RTD Return in Ireland – Step by Step Guide for Businesses

    You only have to complete a Return of Trading Details (RTD) just once a year, so you’d be forgiven for forgetting to complete an RTD return. Don’t worry, I have you covered if you need a refresher. I will take you through all the different steps and best practices you should implement.

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  • How Jasper AI Can Help You Write Earn More on

    AI technology is here to stay; we will all be better off embracing it and seeing how it can improve our work. The blogging space has been hugely disrupted by AI tools such as Jasper AI, which can really help people churn out way more blog posts and help breeze through the monotonous parts of…

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  • Degiro Make Money From Lending Out Your Shares | Do You Earn Anything?

    Unless you have endless time on your hands, it is unlikely you will spend much of that time reading through all of the terms and conditions of your online investment brokerage. If you did take the time to read through the terms and conditions, in most cases you would come across a policy called share…

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  • It is Time to Update Our Statutory Redundancy Laws

    We have faced a lot of challenges and adversity in recent years, we have come through a pandemic, and now we are battling our way through an inflation crisis, and we may have an impending recession to deal with if the global economy continues to suffer. But in Ireland, one thing has stayed constant, and…

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  • New Allowance for Pre Letting Expenses for Vacant homes

    The attitude of the Irish Revenue Commissioner on pre-letting expenses to date has been that they were not willing to allow landlords to deduct pre-letting expenses when calculating their taxable income. Unless these costs relate to advertising your letting and any fees that you may pay to an estate agent.

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  • Save Money on Dublin Airport Parking (Red Cow Luas Park & Ride)

    Parking at Dublin airport can cost you more than your flights in some cases. It is often something that is overlooked when you book your flights, and when you go to book the parking last minute, the prices can be even higher than expected. This is usually a headache for those people coming from the…

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  • I Tried Making Money From Online Surveys in Ireland

    Making money online is something that I have always been interested in, I regularly scroll through TikTok and see many different get-rich-quick schemes that always seem to be too good to be true. But I always reserve judgement until I actually try it myself. One method of making money that always caught my eye was…

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  • What You Need to Know About Your Financial Advisor

    Planning your retirement, sorting out life assurance and deciding where best to invest your surplus money can be a minefield. We often have to lean on the professional financial advisors for help, but are these advisors really rooting for you or trying to make a quick buck off you? In this blog post, I will…

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  • Do you know the Tipping Point of your Mortgage?

    When you start repaying your mortgage, initially the majority of your loan repayment will be servicing the interest costs, in most cases.

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  • Cryptocurrency Investing in Ireland | Complete Beginner’s Guide

    Here is your whistle-stop tour to investing in cryptocurrency in Ireland. This 9-minute read will give you a good overview of all the basics you need such as where to buy crypto, how to store it, how crypto is regulated in Ireland, how it is taxed, as well as how to avoid scams and losing…

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