How much the Humix video-sharing service paid me for 1,000 views

  • By: Walter Dunphy ACCA
  • Date: December 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

YouTube has long been the number one platform for video creators to monetize their content. The problem with YouTube is it can be quite some time before you actually earn any money from your videos.

YouTube’s monetization requirements can often step too far for many people. You need 1,000 subscribers and also 4,000 hours in watch time before you can apply to be part of the YouTube partner program.

But there is a new platform on the block that can help you get paid for your content without even reaching YouTube’s monetization requirements.

That platform is called Humix, and in this blog post, I will explain how Humix works and what my own personal experience has been using Humix.

What is Humix?

Humix is a video sharing platform launched by Ezoic, which can be used by both bloggers and Youtubers to earn ad revenue.

It offers YouTube creators an alternative way to monetize their content if they haven’t yet met the requirements to join the YouTube partner program. Even if you are already monetized on YouTube, Humix could also be used as a way to make additional income.

For bloggers, its normal practice to place videos of other creators on their website posts and earn no revenue from it. With the Humix platform you get to share the revenue with the video creator by giving them the valuable space on your website. Its an exciting way to earn video content revenue without ever creating a video yourself.

How you can earn with Humix?

Bloggers: If you own a website and want to make your content more interesting and useful for the end user, videos are a great way of keeping people on your website and improving your bounce rate.

It is very simple to display the Humix Network videos on your website; all you have to do is switch on the ‘Engage’ function in the monetization section of your Ezoic profile.

Using AI technology, Humix will select the best videos to be shown for the reader, and you will start earning immediately.

YouTube Creators: If you have a YouTube channel, it is very simple to link your channel with Ezoic, import any selected videos, and allow them to be shared with with the Network to be used by bloggers all over the world on their websites.

My experience using Humix

I have been creating YouTube videos in the personal finance niche for almost two years now and I have a catalogue of over 150 videos on my channel.

I imported 38 of these videos on to the Humix platform and made them available to be used by bloggers on their websites.

At the time of writing, these videos have been on Humix for 10 days, and over that time period these videos racked up 2,913 plays which was very decent traffic for such a short time period.

It took me far longer to achieve the same number of views on YouTube as I was at the behest of the YouTube algorithm.

On the downside, the earnings from these views has been far less that what the equivalent views would have earned on YouTube. I earned just $1.11 from the 2,913 video plays, which is an RPM (Revenue Per Mille) of $0.38. The RPM I get on YouTube is almost 20 times greater $7.06.

The reason for my low earnings may just be down to my content. If you are lucky enough to get some of their videos shared on websites that have a lot of traffic, which could more than offset the lower RPM paid on Humix.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.

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