I Tried Making Money From Online Surveys in Ireland

  • By: Walter Dunphy ACCA
  • Date: November 13, 2022
  • Time to read: 3 min.

Making money online is something that I have always been interested in, I regularly scroll through TikTok and see many different get-rich-quick schemes that always seem to be too good to be true. But I always reserve judgement until I actually try it myself.

One method of making money that always caught my eye was getting paid for taking part in surveys online. It seems like a relatively easy way to make a few quid, but just how much effort do you need to make? In this blog post, I will give you my experience with making money from online surveys in Ireland and whether I think it is a side hustle worth trying or not.

Where you can make money from taking online surveys in Ireland?

My first step in making money from surveys was to see what platforms were available to me in Ireland that were actually legitimate.

From my research three companies kept coming up and they were:

There were a couple of other platforms that came up during my search, such as Swagbucks, but to be honest I haven’t tried these yet.

How Much I Got Paid per Survey

The platform I decided to kick off my experiment with was Irishopinions.com.

Over the space of 2.5 hours, I took a total of 8 surveys which earned me €6.25 in total. That works out to an average of €0.78 per survey.

The time required to complete each survey ranged from 5 – 20 minutes. There was also a lot of additional work that needed to be completed that I was not paid for.

This is the work required to keep updating your profile information is used to determine what relevant surveys will be sent to you.

It became clear to me fairly quickly that a lot of the companies where you can earn money for taking surveys have a preferred payment method of paying you out with gift cards rather than cash.

That was the case for Irishopinions.com you can cash out rewards via vouchers for brands such as Amazon, Pennys, Tesco and a few others (once you hit the minimum amount of €10).

Source: Irishopinions.com

My Verdict

Aside from the obviously poor return on the time spent taking these surveys, there were also some other reasons why I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody as a way to generate a side income.

These companies offering surveys tend to oversell what you can earn per survey, so be prepared to be underwhelmed at what you actually get paid.

When you are taking these surveys, you are selling your personal information for a dime. As I was adding more and more personal information to my profile, I was getting increasingly uncomfortable about how much I was sharing.

Also, surveys were not always readily available to complete, if you wanted to sit down and do a full working day just completing surveys, most likely you will need to have a couple of platforms to work on.

This was my experience anyway when I just stuck to one platform I would quickly run out of surveys after just completing 2-3.

On top of that, the whole experience is mind-numbing and tedious, and the surveys are rarely interesting. It is unlikely you could make this a long-term gig unless you have a high tolerance for withstanding boredom.

That being said, my experiment was very limited and there may be some companies out there that will pay you a fair amount for your time and effort –

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.

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