Looking for Answers? Our New Subreddit for Small Business Owners in Ireland is Here!

  • By: Walter Dunphy ACCA
  • Date: April 12, 2023
  • Time to read: 2 min.

Join us on reddit to be a part of a helpful Irish community of small business owners – no matter if you are already up and running with your business, or just starting out, it is always good to have a community of people to lean on when you come across questions that can only be answered by people who have already been there and done it.


When you start your business, it can be a lonely place, and it’s also a time when you will have an infinite amount of questions that need to be answered?

How should I structure my business?

How do you do a VAT return?

What is an RTD?

What is the register of beneficial owners?

What is the most business friendly bank in Ireland?

Until now, there is no forum for small business owners to help one another out with these types of basic questions and to get tips from people who have already been down that path before.


Follow the below link to find us on Reddit and make sure to click the join button to keep up to date with the latest posts.

What are the rules?

Too many times, you see communities pop up on places like Facebook that were initially meant to be a place where you could go for help, end up turning into a place where people just promote their small businesses.

That is the last thing we want to see happen to the r/irishsmallbusiness subreddit and will be the #1 rule.

If all goes well

In the future, if enough members join, then it would be fantastic to be able to arrange meetups, talks, and training sessions for community members.

Other than that, the usual Reddit community rules apply, like treating people with respect, etc.

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